Harvest Box Giveaway

January 2021 “Harvest Box Giveaway” Contest Rules

  1. Contestants must not have placed an order with Harvest To Home at any time before the start date of the contest period.
  2. Contestants must live within our regular delivery area. (see our website)
  3. No purchase is required.
  4. The contest begins on January 5th 2021 and runs until the end of January 31st 2021 Atlantic Time.
  5. The contest is divided into four periods ending on each Sunday during the contest period. One winner will be selected at random for each period, giving four winners in total. Non winning ballots will remain in the pool of contestants and remain eligible for subsequent draws until the final draw is made after the closing of the contest.
  6. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  7. The prize will be given in the form of a $35 coupon to be used on our website towards the purchase of a Harvest Box of any size. This coupon must be used before its expiry on March 29, 2021.
  8. Ballots can be filled out in person at The Cultural Market located at 435 King Street Fredericton NB, or submitted online by email to hello@harvestdelivery.ca or via Facebook messenger or Instagram Messenger or by phone at 506-459-2002, by providing the entrants first and last name and contact details. Contact details must be legible and it is not our responsibility for any errors made by the entrant or by Harvest To Home while acting with due diligence.
  9. The winning entrants will be notified by the end of day on February 3rd 2021 or sooner, and will be notified by the method noted on their ballot submission.
  10. All individual winning contestants will remain confidential unless explicit written consent(through online message or otherwise) is given to us by the winning party.
  11. These rules will be posted on our website on our blog page to be viewed during the contest period and will remain so for an indefinite period.

Harvest To Home Organic Delivery

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Organic Grocery Delivery in Fredericton

Harvest To Home Organic Delivery is a sustainable grocery delivery service based in Fredericton NB. The core feature of the service is our weekly Harvest Box, which is full of specially selected local and sustainably grown, in-season or organic produce. The Harvest Box is complimented by a selection of healthy grocery items, often grown or produced by small local businesses right here in Fredericton and also around New Brunswick. Our goal is to provide our community with the most affordable, healthy food options that are locally sourced and efficiently delivered. 

Order deadline for same week delivery is 9am each Monday

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