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Harvest To Home packs your grocery order in a clean and sanitized reusable plastic container on the day of delivery. The first thing for customers to do on delivery day is to place their previous weeks bin and packing materials at the delivery drop-off location. Our drivers will exchange the empty bin for your new order and notify you via text if you so choose.

Delivery Days

We currently deliver on a two-day schedule for our regular orders. The area is divided into three delivery zones, Fredericton South-East on Tuesday, and Fredericton North-West and St. Stephen/Route 3 Corridor on Wednesday (see map). Having delivery zones reduces our driving area and improves our environmental footprint.

Delivery Fees

Delivery must be within our delivery areas, and during our regular weekly delivery schedule. All orders or combination of orders made in a given week must total $35 to meet our minimum order requirement for delivery. Our delivery fees are as follows:

  • $2 – with-in Fredericton city limits
  • $4 – outside city limits but still with-in the Greater Fredericton delivery area
  • $7 – all areas outside our Greater Fredericton delivery area

Bins and Ice Packs

During warmer whether, your produce order includes a reusable ice pack to help keep your order as fresh as possible during the delivery process. Chilled grocery items will always be wrapped with a reusable ice pack as well, to maintain freshness.  Both the bin and the icepacks should be left out for exchange upon your next order. If you find you have not made an order in a few weeks and would like the bin picked up, please contact us so we my swing by the next time in your area.

Delivery Location

Drop-off locations vary according to your preference, and our drivers follow those instructions every week. Suggested locations include your front or back door, your garage, behind a bush or even your place of work or office instead. Please consider exposure to sun, weather and visibility when choosing a location. You can even supply us with a key or code for your garage or apartment building so we can leave it inside by your door. Another alternative if you will not be home is to leave it with a neighbour or family member that will be. Just make sure their address is included in your delivery details. In most situations, a workable solution can be found. Give us a call if you are having trouble finding a good location, and we will try to help.

Outside Delivery Area

If you want a delivery but you live just outside of our delivery area, please contact us to see if we can deliver to you for a small fee. The more requests for delivery we receive in a specific area, the more likely we will move to include your area in the future.

Special Delivery

If you would like a delivery outside of your regularly scheduled delivery day, we may do so for a special delivery fee. Product availability may be limited, delivery times or days may be restricted, and fees vary. Please contact us for details and options.

Community Pick-up Hubs

If several households in a community request delivery, we will work with you to find a creative way to make that happen. One alternative is to approach a local business or organization to see if they can become a community pick-up location for your weekly grocery order. We currently have one located in St. Stephen to serve that area.

Delivery Areas

Greater Fredericton

We cover an approximate radius of 30km around Fredericton NB including Oromocto,  making up the majority of eight postal code areas. Some exceptions apply due to distance and remoteness of some areas.

  • E2V – Oromocto, Burton, Geary
  • E3A – Fredericton, Killarney Road, Penniac, Richibucto, Noonan, Maugerville
  • E3B – Fredericton, Lincoln, Waasis, Rusagonis, Beaver Dam
  • E3C – Fredericton, New Maryland, Charters Settlement, Nasonworth
  • E3E – Hanwell, Mazerolle Settlement, Kingsclear, French Village, Islandview
  • E3G – Fredericton, McLeod Hill, Royal Road, Douglas
  • E6C – Durham Bridge, Lower & Upper Durham, Nashwaak Village
  • E6L – Keswick, Keswick Ridge, Tripp Settlement, Burtts Corner, Sisson Settlement, Zealand

Saint Stephen/Route 3 Corridor

This area includes many smaller communities along Route 3 from Longs Creek to Saint Stephen and includes Route 640. Please contact us first if you are some distance off Route 3 on a side road or need more information.

We also have a community pickup hub located in Saint Stephen to serve the larger area. It is located at DiVine Wines 95 Prince William St. Saint Stephen NB 506-465-8466. Orders will arrive before noon on Wednesday’s and can be picked up before 5pm.

  • E6K – New Market, Smithfield, Acton, Yoho, Harvey, York Mills, Brockway, etc.
  • E5A – Lawrence Station, Andersonville, Baillie, DeWolfe, Moores Mills, etc.
  • E3L – Old Ridge, Dennis-Weston, etc. and St Stephen

Fredericton South-East

  • Tuesday Delivery

Fredericton North-West

  • Wednesday Delivery

Saint Stephen/Route 3 Corridor

  • Wednesday Delivery

Organic Grocery Delivery in Fredericton

Harvest To Home Organic Delivery is a sustainable grocery delivery service based in Fredericton NB. The core feature of the service is our weekly Harvest Box, which is full of specially selected local and sustainably grown, in-season or organic produce. The Harvest Box is complimented by a selection of healthy grocery items, often grown or produced by small local businesses right here in Fredericton and also around New Brunswick. Our goal is to provide our community with the most affordable, healthy food options that are locally sourced and efficiently delivered. 

Order deadline for same week delivery is 9am each Monday

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