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*Pre-orders only, for delivery on July 6th & 7th. All pre-orders made on or before June 25th will receive TWO cans of Rabbittown Cold Brewed Teas.

The Local Harvest Box contains a mixture of certified and non-certified organic produce which is all locally grown in New Brunswick. This is a seasonal offering based on local availability.

See the Box Contents tab below for the weekly inclusions.

Order this product by 9:00am Monday to receive it in next week's delivery. - More info


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The Local Harvest Box contains a mixture of certified organic and sustainably grown produce which is all locally grown in New Brunswick. It contains an ever-changing variety of fresh in-season fruit and vegetables available at that moment in time. It is the best way to support local farmers and ensure that customers receive the greatest value. This is a seasonal offering based on local availability, and the variety and quantity may be limited at times.

Click the BOX CONTENTS tab for the current week’s inclusions and substitution options.

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Contents for delivery on July 6th & 7th (updated Thursday July 1st)



* Extras to the small box are listed in bold


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* Extras to the large box are listed in bold

Substitutions:  We substitute items based on value, not necessarily on a per item basis. Note an item you do not want in your Harvest Box under the “Dislikes” section. Note a local produce item you would like to replace it with under the “Likes” section. Please include multiple “Likes” in order of preference, so we have more options to choose from when selecting an item for you.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to substitute any item with another item of similar value, based on our available supply. In an effort to keep our customers apprised of any changes to our box contents, this list may be updated throughout the week.

Organic Grocery Delivery in Fredericton

Harvest To Home Organic Delivery is a sustainable grocery delivery service based in Fredericton NB. The core feature of the service is our weekly Harvest Box, which is full of specially selected local and sustainably grown, in-season or organic produce. The Harvest Box is complimented by a selection of healthy grocery items, often grown or produced by small local businesses right here in Fredericton and also around New Brunswick. Our goal is to provide our community with the most affordable, healthy food options that are locally sourced and efficiently delivered. 

Order deadline for same week delivery is 9am each Monday

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